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Environmental testing technology

Environmental testing technology

King Son Instrument: High Tech Product Liability Testing Equipment, Environmental Climate Simulation, Monitoring and Controlling Technology Innovator.

King Son Instrument Tech. Co., Ltd., since being established in 1983, in Taipei, Taiwan has been dedicated to research and develop environmental testing technology for product reliability testing equipment, and also manufacture and sale the testing chamber and equipment.
King Son has been founded in response to customer and market demands to design and develop products and implement after-sales service strategy.
King Son constantly strives to be in line with international standards and requirements to create value through product reliability testing technology and equipment in industries including military, aerospace, car, pharmacy, electronics, IC semiconductor, optoelectronics, 4G/5G mobile communication, AI Server, IPC, and robotics.

Currently, there are over 3000 industry corporations using King Son testing equipment to safeguard their product liability and quality, King Son has 25% market share in Greater China’s product liability test market. King Son’s major industry corporates customers include Acer, Asus, HTC, Gogoro and TSMC, Foxconn, etc.

King Son has 25% market share in product liability environmental testing equipment market in Great China market.

King Son product liability innovation technology:

  • Lab Test Controller
  • Constant Temperature and Humidity Technology
  • Ultra-Low Constant Temperature and Humidity Technology
  • Cascade Ultra Low Refrigeration Technology & System
  • Environmental Rapid Temperature Change and Stress
  • Thermal Stress Technology
  • Thermal Shock Technology
  • N2 atmosphere regulation, controlling and Drying Technology
  • High Pressure Technology
  • Vacuum Technology
  • Multiple-track Intelligent Detection Technology
  • Servo Algorithm Control Technology
  • Natural Convection Technology
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