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Constancy Precision Refrigeration Preservation

Constancy Precision Refrigeration Preservation

  • King Son Convertible IFP Sub Chiller is a refrigeration and food preservation solution for the modern IoT-era. It is incorporated with A7 Intelligent Foodtech Controller and designed with Constant Temperature and Humidity Multiple Points Monitoring and Servo Control Technology to research, develop and perform 3 novel next generation refrigeration technologies - King Son Constancy Precision Refrigeration Technology, Constancy IFP Chilling & Superchilling Technology that preserves and processes food in uniform conditions and environments, with temperature fluctuations ± 0.3°C and humidity fluctuations ±5%. King Son Convertible IFP Sub Chiller is an IoT machine which incorporates Cloud-based IoT Health Check APP System for remote distance servicing and collaboration – thus helping build new partnership opportunities through IoT eco-system.
  • King Son Constancy Precision Refrigeration Technology is a novel generation FoodTech after traditional refrigeration and freezing for food process and preservation between 0°C and 6°C in controlled constant temperature and humidity conditions, with temperature fluctuation ± 0.3°C and humidity fluctuation ±5%.
  • Food preservation in King Son Constancy Precision Refrigeration (between 0°C and 6°C) to prolong shelf life
    • Chilled preservation of perishable produce is normally carried out at a temperature between -1.5 and +10°C.
    • The foodstuff temperature should be kept as constant as possible for the whole period of preservation. For some kinds of produce a variation of about ±1°C may have serious consequences on preservation life. For example, the life of Williams pears at –1°C is almost double that at +1°C and the life of many varieties of apples, peaches and plums is about 25 per cent greater at +0.5°C than at +1.5°C. Because of this greater sensitivity to temperature near the freezing point the best preservation of those kinds of fruits and vegetables for which preservation at low temperature is safe and recommended, requires close control of temperature. This type of close control is also a must for meat and fish.
    • Preserved Korean sesame leaves freshness in King Son Convertible IFP Sub Chiller by King Son Constancy Precision Refrigeration Technology at 5.5 ℃, 94% R.H. for 2 months.
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