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Constancy IFP Superchilling

Constancy IFP Superchilling

What is superchilling?
  • The term‘superchilling’, also called partial freezing, light freezing, and deep chilling, which is used to describe a food process and conservation method, where the outer layer of food, about 10% - 30% of the product's water content is frozen, not complete freezing. During superchilling, the temperature of the product is lowered, often -1.5°C/29.30°F to -2°C/28.40°F, below the initial freezing point of the product. After initial surface freezing, the ice distribution equilibrates and the product obtains a uniform temperature at which it is maintained during preservation. Superchilling has been effectively used for seafood and now there are increasing demands in this process to extend the shelf life of meat. Most traditional equipment producers today do not have required energy and thermodynamic competence to design and control superchilling processes.
What and how to commercialize superchilling to preserve food
  • King Son Convertible IFP Superchiller is a refrigeration and food preservation solution for the modern IoT-era. It is incorporated with A7 Intelligent Foodtech Controller and designed with Constant Temperature and Humidity Multiple Points Monitoring and Servo Control Technology to research, develop and perform 3 novel next generation refrigeration technologies - King Son Constancy Precision Refrigeration Technology, Constancy IFP Chilling & Superchilling Technology that preserves and processes food in uniform conditions and environments, with temperature fluctuations ±0.3°C/0.54°F and humidity fluctuations ±5%. King Son Convertible IFP Superchiller is an IoT machine which incorporates Cloud-based IoT Health Check APP System for remote distance servicing and collaboration – thus helping build new partnership opportunities through IoT eco-system.
  • King Son Constancy IFP Superchilling Technology is a novel generation FoodTech after traditional refrigeration and freezing for food process and preservation in the temperature of - 1.5°C/29.30°F to -2°C/28.40°F, just below Initial Freezing Point (IFP) of food, in controlled constant temperature and humidity conditions, with temperature fluctuation ±0.3°C/0.54°F and humidity fluctuation ±5 %.
  • King Son Constancy IFP Superchilling Technology commercializes economic value of the temperature - 1.5°C/29.30°F to -2°C/28.40°F, just below Initial Freezing Point (IFP), for food process and preservation in food industry.
  • The initial freezing points of most foods are between -0.5°C/31.1℉ and -2.8°C/26.96℉
  • King Son Constancy IFP Superchilling Technology application process:
  • Food preservation in Constancy IFP Superchilling (- 1.5°C/29.30°F to -2°C/28.40°F) to prolong shelf life
    • The main reason why to implement Superchilling technology is to prolong the shelf life of meat for 1.4–4 times longer than the life of traditional refrigeration method.
    • Superchilling, as a commercial practice, can reduce the use of freezing/storage/thawing in production process and thereby reduce labour, energy, transport costs and product weight losses after thawing.
    • Superchilling preservation
    • Cod fillets 28 days Super-chilling preservation
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