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Aging Process Coffee

IFP Chilling Aging Process Coffee

What is IFP Chilling Aged Coffees and how to age?

This is a very unique coffee aging process method originated and popular in Japan, that ages green coffee beans in constant temperature & humidity conditions, above initial freezing point (IFP), that’s the reason named it IFP Chilling Aged Coffees.
IFP Chilling Aged Coffee now gradually becomes coffee connoisseur’s favorable taste.
How King Son Constancy IFP Chilling Technology ages green coffee beans to IFP Chilling Aged Coffee?
Preserved green coffee beans in King Son Convertible IFP Aging Chiller and aged by King Son Constancy IFP Chilling Technology at 0℃ above initial freezing point (IFP), 75% relative humidity that takes, at least 18 days, maximum 2 months, slowly to age process green coffee beans to IFP Chilling Aged Coffee.
King Son Convertible IFP Aging Chiller provides an ideal aging conditions and environment, with temperature fluctuation ± 0.3°C and humidity fluctuation ±5%, to age green coffee beans in resting for aroma increase, without adding any additives or chemical treatment, where the natural amino acid in green coffee beans will slowly wakes up that produces mild and mellow taste for IFP Chilling Aged Coffee. The taste of  IFP Chilling Aged Coffee is rich and sweethowever, the original fruit acid of green coffee bean will not be affected
Introduction: Honey Process/Miel Process:
  1. Coffee bean process method
  2. Dry/Natural/Unwashed Process
  3. Wet/Washed Process
  4. Semi-washed
  5. Honey Process/Miel Process
  6. (Dry/Natural/Unwashed Process): The oldest and easiest method to process green coffee beans
  7. (Wet/Washed Process): The most popular method currently to process green coffee beans
  8. (Semi-washed): Semi-washed reduces water consumption by traditional Wet/Washed Process method.
(Honey Process/Miel Process)
Honey process is a unique method where some of the mucilage that covered the bean is left on it by less washing.
Honey process is used to remove coffee cherry's thick rind and retain the mucilage pulp layer below the rind by sunshine drying for 8 –10 days, once drying finished, then simply remove the pulp layer.
Honey process is very difficult to process and have high failure rate.
The advantages of Honey Process/Miel Process are to enhance coffee bean’s body richness, sweetness and reduce acidity, besides this, the aroma will be more delicate.
Pulped natural coffee can have more body and lower acidity than the washed process, and a cleaner, more uniform cup than the natural process.  They are sweet and balanced.
Honey process coffee bean grading (depending on how much pectin-based reservations): Yellow honey coffee bean (50% retained inside), red honey coffee bean (more than 50% retention), black honey coffee bean (retains 100%)
Honey process vs. King Son IFP Chilling Aging Process:
For Honey process/Miel Process, the limits and disadvantages are labor-intensive, high-cost, lower success rate which is popularly being used to process green coffee beans produced in Costa Rica, Panama, and Nicaragua.
For King Son IFP Chilling Aging Process, the investments are King Son Convertible IFP Aging Chiller and electrical fees. King Son Convertible IFP Aging Chiller can age and process any kind of green coffee beans to IFP Chilling Aged Coffee Beans, no matter where coffee beans come from. IFP Chilling Aged Coffee Beans will benefit you the highest coffee quality like Honey process effected on coffee beans.
Aging conditions and materials to produce IFP Chilling Aging Coffee Beans.
  1. The Coffee beans that can be used to age for IFP Chilling Aged Coffee bean are Dry/Natural/Unwashed Process coffee bean and Wet/Washed Process coffee bean.
  2. Coffee bean sources: no limits, anywhere produced green coffee beans are applicable to age to IFP Chilling Aged Coffee Beans.
  3. Temperature: 0℃±0.3 ℃
  4. Relative Humidity (RH): 75%
  5. Aging days: at least 18 days, longer 2 months.
  6. The IFP Chilling Aging Process enhances the taste and benefits the value of green coffee beans as honey process produces.
  7. IFP Chilling Aging Process unique features
    1. Preserved green coffee beans in King Son Convertible IFP Aging Chiller, by unique King Son Constancy IFP Chilling Technology to age process coffee beans in constant temperature and humidity conditions and environment, where the natural amino acid in coffee beans will slowly wakes up produced mild and mellow mouthfeel taste, smoothly swallowed, with fresh aroma.
    2. The taste of IFP Chilling Aged Coffee is mellow
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