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Korean sesame leaves

Korean sesame leaves

Preserves Korean sesame leaves fresh in King Son Convertible IFP Sub Chiller at 5.5 , 94% R.H. for 2 months

  • It’s not easily to preserve sesame leaves fresh, since sesame leaves are very sensitive to temperature fluctuation. The best taste time of sesame leaves normally is only 4 days when stores it in traditional refrigerator. It’s very difficult to preserve large volume sesame leaves well and fresh, especially when in harvest season.
  • after several times experiment test in King Son lab, King Son comes out proposal for Korean sesame growers to preserve sesame leaves at 5.5 ℃, 94% R.H. by King Son Convertible IFP Sub Chiller in which constant temperature fluctuation ± 0.3 ℃, humidity fluctuation ±5% would be the most optimum preservation conditions to keep it well and fresh that extends the best taste time from 4 days to 2 months.
  • The lab graphic chart of temperature curves demonstrated that King Son Convertible IFP Lab Chamber commercializes King Son Constancy Precision Refrigeration Technology with temperature fluctuation ±0.3℃ and humidity fluctuation ±5% to preserves Korean sesame leaves fresh for 2 months that is the core competence Food-Tech innovations developed by King Son for food industry with mass production economic value.

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