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King Son Smart Defrosting System

King Son Smart Defrosting System

  • In the traditional defrost mechanism, the temperature after finished defrosting is likely to occur too low that leads to food surface temperature lower than the initial freezing point of food, thereby causing unintended food freezing. King Son Smart Defrosting Technology overcomes this issue by ensuring food return temperature is not lower than IFP (initial freezing point).
  • Frost accumulation results in decreased performance in heat exchangers and it is necessary to move out the accumulated frost. The traditional design defrosting system typically runs only in specific periods of time and the time when the heat exchanger is not in active operation. Such solutions will use too much energy when in small amount of ice loading and too little energy use when there is more ice.
  • King Son unveiled Smart Defrosting System in 2015 with leading edge technology in the refrigeration industry to solve this issue.
  • The defrost return temperature curves comparison between below the initial freezing point (IFP) and above initial freezing point
  • The temperature curve comparison between defrost air and meat surface (Index temp. 0°C/32.00°F)

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