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King Son's Quality Policy

The Quality Control and Safety of Product

The Quality Control and Safety of Product

Use quality control Instruments & meters to produce quality King Son Convertible IFP Food-Tech Chamber

  • Lab class, King Son 60 Tracks Temperature Measurement Meter
  • Sensor Temperature Calibrator
  • Lab class, King Son 4 Tracks Humidity Measurement Meter
  • Pitot Tube Anemometer and Differential Manometer to measure air velocity
  • Lab class, Spectroscope to check if the spectrum of King Son-made UV-C Sterilization Module in the chamber can inhibit bacteria
  • Lab Class, King Son Multi Gas Detector
  • Operating noise measurement
  • Power Quality Analyzer
  • Endoscopy inspection
  • Infrared analyzer
  • Digital Sweetness Meter
  • Aged meat penetration force measurement
King Son Convertible IFP Food-Tech Chamber Product Family Series includes
  • King Son Convertible IFP Aging Chiller
    • A200GH, A200GM, A400GH, A400GM
  • King Son Convertible IFP Sub Chiller
    • C200GH, C200GM, C400GH, C400GM
  • King Son Convertible IFP Superchiller
    • S200GH, S400GH
  • King Son Convertible IFP Superchilling Thawer
    • T200GH, T400GH
  • King Son Convertible IFP Lab Chamber
    • L200GC, L400GC
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